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The Audience Of Rap
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Rap is focused on the youth, and the easily influenced.

Rap music is listened to by all of the radio listeners. Rap is the most frequently played music on the radio. With the increasing amount of chart topping rap singles, more and more people are drawn into it. The most obvious audience that rap is portrayed to would be the youth. Kids love to hear tough guys sing about kicking butt and breaking rules, and the fact that they swear. Kids just have an easy feel for someone that has something to say that isn' t lame to them. Although everyone listens to rap music, kids listen to it the most. Rap music is played everywhere; in stores, clubs, houses, iPods, and movies. Rap is continuing to grow, and is taking over the music industry. Rap loves to target the welathy caucasian kids, because of the fact that they will love the rapper and go out and buy his memorabilia. Rappers often don't care how thekid is affected in his mind, and just cares that he is making money.

The majority of rap's audience is the youth of urban America