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Many rap artists target women in negative way by calling them offensive names like ho and slut in their songs. Women do get affected by this, and are degraded by some rap listeners. Women lose respect, because of the way some rap gets to listeners' heads.

The way rappers often degrade women is commonly related to them wanting to look tougher and more powerful. If a woman is threatened by a man, she will do what he says. Some people like that control. Woman are usualy offended by these comments in the songs, because it allows society the opportunity to harrass them. In many rap videos, you will see a very beautiful woman dancing for a rapper, or stripping, or some other thing like that. Many guys pick this up, and want their girlfriend or wife to do this. If they don't, the guy might get mad. Women are more effected by rap that we give credit for.

Ja Rule frequently degrades women in his music