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The meaning of rap is often misunderstood by the majority of its listeners.

The meaning of rap and hip hop is witnessed by the public as offensive, and I don't blame them. Some rappers take it too far with their ferocious hate to some people in the world. But many rappers rap about their life; no lies and no exaggeration. A rapper by the name of Tupac Shakur was one of these rapeprs. Tupac was a legend and a god to many rappers in the world. The things Tupac said in his ongs were about his life experience in the ghetto of California. The lyrics in his songs showed the roughness of growing up in the ghetto, not all the "Smoke Weed" or the "Shoot That Punk". Even though Tupac has experimented with crime and drugs, he still is a legend. The rap and hip-hop era brought many new things to America, such as break dancing and graffiti. Many think of graffiti as vandalism, but owners of buildings hire people to do full scenes of graffiti on their buldings.

Breakdancing is a growing dance performance

Graffiti can be a form of art, and not always vandalism