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The genre of Rap music began much later than most music, and has grown more than any genre of music.

Rap music has a very distinctive history. The revolution of rap began in New York, but its roots are from Jamaica. A tradition called “Toasting”, in which two people would boast comedic lyrics over a reggae beat, was the older idea of today’s “rap”. DJ Kool, originally from Jamaica, was said to have started the hip-hop revolution by introducing Toasting to American society around 1970. After DJ Kool, a rap group called The Sugar Hill Gang released “Rappers Delight”, the first global rap phenomenon. It was very famous, and began the spread of the hip-hop culture. Back in the late 70’s, hip-hop was happy and anti-drug. Around 1985, a group called 2 Live Crew was created. They brought the first explicit rap, which was rap that contained obscene language. Following them, the groups Wu-Tang Clan and NWA came up. The gangster rap revolution begun. Gangster rap was usually rappers who were poor and lived in the ghetto, and experienced drugs and violence. These rappers boast about the life of people like them. Usually, gangster rappers spoke of drugs and gang warfare. In the mid 90’s, gangster rap got bigger with rappers like Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, and Ice Cube; members of NWA. They highly influence marijuana, and all 3 of them have had criminal records for marijuana usage. Also, in the 90’s era, Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince (Will Smith) brought back a fun, happy hip-hop music. Nowadays, rappers like 50 Cent and DMX continue the gangster rap genre, but cleaner hip-hop is progressing just as well with rappers like Will Smith and Outkast.

Sugar Hill Gang, the first famous rap group