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Rap music has been spread throughout our whole planet, and is getting many different countries and people involved.

Rap music has spread to many countries in Europe and Asia. The big controversy in international rap right now is the German/Nazi Rap. Nazi rap is similar to the gangsta rap of America, but the content is targeted at the Jewish community. The sad thing is that these Nazi artists hit it big in the charts in Germany. The common style there is inherited by these Nazi rappers; a shaved head and a bomber jacket is the most common Nazi rapper look. The violence in children at school has increased dramaticallu since Nazi Rap hit it big. Other countries that have brought rap to the top are Mexico with rappers like Juelz Santana, Pitbull, and Daddy Yankee. Spanish/Latina Rap has gotten big as well, and has much less explicit content. The spanish rap has gotten it's good reputation in dance clubs.

Daddy Yankee, a Famous Spanish Rapper