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One of the negative aspects of the rap genre is it's influence on the youth of society.

The break-off of hip-hop, gangster rap, has some kind of hypnotic control over young children. Young children somehow believe that the things these rappers sing about are good, since the rappers are now rich and famous. These kids think that what the rapper says, including drugs and violence, is cool. Statistics say that teens between 13-17 years of age spend 4-5 hours listening to some kind of music. If a kid is exposed to hardcore lyrics about killing people, then his mind may be altered to believe that its okay to. 66% of teenagers believe that violent music influenced the columbine shootings. According to police records, many famous rappers of today have had trouble with the law, and have some sort of criminal record. The new style of listening to music, music videos, pressure on more obscene behavior. The videos portray alcohol and intimacy more than anything else. 75% of rap videos contain some kind of sexual imagery. If kids are watching a famous rapper is touching a beautiful woman, then this kid may want to be like that rapper. If that rapper he is idolizing smokes marijuana, then the kid may try it. Marijuana is an illegal drug that might screw your whole life up, and we certainly don’t want kids to go around destroying their lives. A kid who regularly watches rap videos is 3 times more likely to attack a teacher, 2.5 times more likely to get arrested, 1.5 times more likely to contract a sexually transmitted disease, and twice as likely to have multiple sex partners.

The general Gangsta rap genre influences guns and violence

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