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As Rap revolutionized, so did the diversity. Many new cultures became introduced to rap music. And as diversity entered the rap culture, races began to butt heads, and racist rap came into play.

Racism in rap music has brought the reputation of rap music down. When people of the offended side hear things that are against who they are, it upsets the,. In Eminem's music, he refered to some black people as the "N Word". In rap, this is called beef. Many rappers have beef with eachother for how they rap and who they rap with. Much of this prejudiced rap comes from the clash of gangs, the bloods and crips. The bloods are dominantly the east caost of the U.S.A., and the Crips are dominantly the west coast. When either the bloods or crips offend eachother, a rap war breaks out. Rappers begin to release songs that target specific rappers. Rappers like DMX and Fat Joe have done this most recently. Another thing taht has had rap set back was the introduction of caucasian rappers. The rap culture was set in the ghetto, where most rappers were black. When they see a culture that's usually wealthy (Caucasian) try to act as if they were raised  in the ghetto, the rappers get angry. These rappers began to make song that make fun of "wankstas" and "wiggers". Wankstas are fake, poser gangsters, and wiggers are white people pretending to be black. Eminem pretended as if he were black, and set the n word, which got him in trouble with the black community.

Eminem was accused of racist and prejudice lyrics in some of his songs